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[18 Nov 2004|05:29pm]

Hey guys
I'm new...but i'm bored so yeah:)
THE USED! have their new single out and the vid is SO HOT!
check it out on http://www.bandbuilder.com/theused_lovedeath/index.php?ref_code=D51713
Its from their album in love and death (just incase)

love me

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[12 Oct 2004|11:16pm]



name/nickname: Audree // Odd
age & brithday: 13 // May. 19th
location: Bridgeport, Connecticut.
sex/sexuality: Female
family & pets: Mom (Linda), Dad (George), Sister (Mary) 5 Cats (Meeko, Pinder, Yami, Roxy, Merlin) 1 Dog (Penny)


movie[s]: Night Mare Before Christmas
song[s]: Good Charlotte- The Truth
band[s]: Greenday, Weezer, Good Charlotte.
singer[s]/single artisit[s]: Billy/Bass/Good Charlotte
book[s]: The Haunted
Actress/Actor: Johny Depp
Food: French Fries
Soda: Coke
Colour: Black, Green, Brown.


Do you like big butts?  ...No.
What was your favourite grade in school? Math
Who's phone number is 867-5309? I'm sorry.. But I have NO IDEA
What would you think if you saw a girl walking down the street dressed up as a fairy? DARN, SHE STARTED WITHOUT ME!


AOL: AIM is better.
Gay Marriages: The wave of the future.
Boob Jobs: Pointless.
Religion:  Patheisist.
Paris Hilton: Hott.. hahah XD
Self-harming: I've done it..
Eating Disorders: I've had a eating disorder..
War: Sucks.
Rape: Its not considered rape.. If you like it.
Abortion: It can save teens who can die from giving birth.
Jimmy Eat World: Awesome band.
Converse: Cool ^_^
Pink The New Black: Pink is okay, Just not the new black.

[Funny Story]

My friend Sam And I were playing in the elevators, Pressing all the buttons and going everywhere around the mall. We even went to the roof. And when we were on our way to the roof, I held my hand up high and said, TO THE ROOF. HAHAHA... Not very funny.

[any other information?]

.. I went to a mental hospital for cutting and scuicdel actions.

[Pictures or explanation]

Sorry, Parents are very strict here. I can't use  the scanner! :(

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[13 Sep 2004|11:56pm]


shmellow. i'm new. but new people rock. and i rock. =p LOL



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[28 Aug 2004|04:45pm]
im leaving, i dont have time for all the communities, heck i wasnt even active here, thats because theres nothing going on here.

[17 Aug 2004|01:48pm]


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[17 Aug 2004|08:50am]


Im thinking of you all of the time,
worried about you, in my mind..
and i've prayed for you, plenty
of times. Then i wonderd about
 your blue eyes. Im sorry for my
 mistakes, and the things that i
said, that day. One more time,
take my hand, and wish me to
Tinkerbell Faded Memories

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[07 Aug 2004|06:08pm]


Join because they're teh setriplex LYK WOAH <3
Oh and sorry I haven't been posting. I've been busy but I promise to now and stuff <34569

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[06 Aug 2004|09:35pm]

hey, everyone, lizzie. sorry, but i'm going to have to leave. i just don't have time for a million communities. sorry, everyone. :/

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New [26 Jul 2004|10:48pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I'll spill my heart for youCollapse )

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please forgive me [26 Jul 2004|06:34pm]

sorry i haven't posted. i've been feelin really under the weather lately. but i still wanna be in here. so i voted on some apps. and, if you want, check out epitonic.com and purevolume.com. 2 great sites to listen to music. and i'm helping to promote a great band called 8th day fall from la. <8thdayfall.com>

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im back [26 Jul 2004|03:29pm]

[ mood | blah ]

hey everyone. Im back, well.. almost back.. one more week left of this living hell.

well.. i see that things are going well with the community.

i have no more computer so i ahve to use my friends computer or i have to get a ride to the library.. grr!

gotta go.. times is almost up!


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Yo <3 [26 Jul 2004|12:19am]

Guess what?
It's sinfulsorrow.
I got a new LJ. :)

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Message ; [20 Jul 2004|05:59pm]

I will start deleting unactive members soon. And yeah lizzie isnt very active lately because she is in summer school; and vikki doesnt want to be active because she is too busy with her popular friends.

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Accept or Reject? [20 Jul 2004|12:36am]
[ mood | Friggin' confused. o_o ]

Time: 12:01 AM (yes, its late. :D)

Name/Nickname: Renee
Age & Birthday: 14, June 2 1990
Location: California
Sex/Sexuality: Female, straight
Family & Pets: Mom, dad, and an older brother. Two cats (Oscar and Zigggy) and a dog (Viper)

Movies(s): Donnie Darko, Moulin Rouge, The Notebook
Song(s): "Bring Me Down" - APril Sixth, "Breaking The Habit" - Linkin Park, "Vindicated" - Dashboard Confessional, "Time Is Running Out" - Muse
Band(s): Linkin Park, A.F.I., Belle & Sebastian, Chevelle, Dashboard Confessional, Hole, Cold, Bright Eyes, Happy Mondays, Fray, Nirvana, Muse, Modest Mouse, Oasis, R.E.M., Static Lullaby, Smile Empty Soul, and a hell of a lot more.
Singer(s)/Single Artist(s): Daniel Bedingfield, Edwin McCain, Avril Lavigne
Book(s): This Lullaby, Summer Boys, Crooked, Witch, Hard Love
Actress/Actor: Ewan McGregor, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicole Kidman
Food: Cheeseburgers, salads
Soda: Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew
Colour: Black

Do you like big butts? I like big butts and I cannot lie.
What was your favourite grade in school? 4th
Who's phone number is 867-5309? That one girl in the Singular commercial.
What would you think if you saw a girl walking down the street dressed up as a fairy? "Wtf? HOW COOL. I want wings.."

AOL: I had it for 4 years and I hated every minute of it.
Gay Marriages: You can't help who you love, therefore I'm for it.
Boob Jobs: Love the skin you're in, dude. And if you want more cleavage, use push up bras. o_o
Religion: Its not a sensitive subject personally.. I'm not very religious.
Paris Hilton: One word: UGH.
Self-harming: I used to do it.. did nothing for me.
Eating Disorders: I don't understand them.. how could someone want to stop eating?
War: NO. NO WAR.
Rape: Fuck you, rapists of the world. (Excuse my french.)
Abortion: I'd rather do it than have my child be beaten in an adoption agency.
Jimmy Eat World: I'm somewhat of a fan, there older stuff rocks.
Converse: They hurt like a bitch at first, but then you can use them for anything.
Pink the New Black: .. no. Pink can never be the new black.. no. never.
Avril: I like Avril Lavigne, thanks.

[Funny Story]
Tell a funny story:
Well, this is an AIM conversation and I had with one of my friends.. its kind of one of those you had to be there situations, but yeah. I'm xGirlWhoCriedx. Encaned Youth is my friend.

x GirlWhoCried x: Your Sexual Profile (you sexual deviant you...) by sparkledee
Name: Renee
Your Secret Kink Thing: Spin cycle on washing machine
Your Sexual Strength: Your amazing tongue!!
Your Sexual Weakness: Your gross faces during sex.
Your Likely STD: Lymphogranuloma Venereum
How Many Partners in Crime? Ha! You're a SLUT!

D: I am not a slut.
x GirlWhoCried x: Wtf? Washing machine?
Enhanced Youth: ahhahaha
Enhanced Youth: I dont know?!
Enhanced Youth: its random I think
x GirlWhoCried x: that still makes no sense.
x GirlWhoCried x: o_o I'm turned on by washing clothes. XD
Enhanced Youth: and Im turned on by dead bodies
x GirlWhoCried x: haha
x GirlWhoCried x: I'M A DEAD BODY.
x GirlWhoCried x: =-O
Enhanced Youth: *TURN ON*
x GirlWhoCried x: =-O!
x GirlWhoCried x: yay
x GirlWhoCried x: xDD
Enhanced Youth: *sex, please?*
x GirlWhoCried x: -sex- =-O
Enhanced Youth: *yay sex!*


[Any Other Information]
Um. Emo rocks. So does Indie. And yeah. WHOO. o_o

[Pictures or Explanation]
http://i.myspace.com/06/27/2607260/14258989_l.jpg - Um, thats a picture.

Time: 12:30 AM (.. yes, its STILL late. :D)

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My pictures [19 Jul 2004|06:50pm]

My PicturesCollapse )

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[13 Jul 2004|09:49pm]


PromoCollapse )

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Application<3 [11 Jul 2004|07:24pm]
Application.Collapse )

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Application. [10 Jul 2004|09:40pm]

Time: 9:41 PM

Name/nickname: Jessica/Bing
Age & Birthday: 14, March 6
Location: Seattle, Washington
Sex/sexuality: Female
Faimly & Pets: One mom, One dad, divorced. An eight year old brother, 2 dogs (Callie, Quarter) and 1 cat (Karma).

Movie[s]: Beatle Juice, Alice in Wonderland, The Breakfast Club, Carrie.
Song[s]: Ten Minutes- BlueSkyMile, Blood-Splattered Sundress- SchoolYard Heroes, A Wolf At The Door- Radiohead.
Band[s]: Radiohead, SchoolYard Heroes, Weezer, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Juliana Theory.
Singer[s]/single artist[s]: Karen O., Dave Mathews.
Book[s]: SMACK, Born Confused, Kissing Doorknobs.
Actress/Actor: Jim Carrey (he makes me laugh very, very hard. (:), annnd.. Ben Stiller. Jack Nickleson.
Food: Lamb. Im in love with meat. And wheat bread.
Soda: Sierra Mist. ;x
colour: Dark Purple. Very mysterious, and pretty.

Do you like big butts? I like big butts and I cannot lie.
Whats your favourite grande in school: Kindergarden. All happy, and the only work you had to do was to count how many balloons the boy has. :)
Whos phone # is 867-5309? Jenny's.
What would you think if you saw a girl dressed up like a fairy? I would yell out that she was a pretty fairy princess. And then I would steal her wings. ):

AOL: uh.. Its great, but then again it sucks, because you get in fights a lot for some reason.. But its good because you can talk to your friends more, and like. I would probably not go to many friends houses if it wasn't for aim. rofl.
Gay Marriage: People need to understand that love is love, regardless of gender. Gender shouldnt be a problem in bringing together two people. And people who are against it, are obviously not gay. If they knew what it felt like to have marriage taken away from them just because their partner was of the same gender, Im sure they would think differently about gay marriage. Rofl, people are ignorant that way.
Boob Jobs: I dont really approve of it, because you're natural self is beautiful. But, I guess if you were totally flat chested after the age of 20 or so, I could understand.
Religion: Im atheist, but mostly because I havent been alive long enough to fully understand many religions, and their ways. Personally, I see it as a comfort. Beliefs on life, and beliefs that should make you not afraid of death, because you would understand what would happen. But, Im a person who likes to wonder..
Paris Hilton: I dont know her personally, so I couldnt say. I hate how people say she's so 'stupid', when all they have seen is the "simple life" hilton. You dont know her, stop judging her.
Self Harming: Its something we all think about. I dont fully understand why people do it, but I am sure they have reasons. But.. I dont think you should harm yourself, you should talk to someone about your problems. Whether it be a friend, therapist, mom, dad, whatever. Talking about it would be a better choice, but like I said, I dont really understand why people do it.
Eating Disorders: Girls are influenced ohsomuch by celebs, and models.. and thats what fuels them to become anorexic, or bulimic. But girls need to understand that being overly skinny isnt as wonderful as it seems. Muscle, tone.. thats so beautiful.
War: Nothing can stop it. But.. Im against it if us Americans START the war. But if we are only defending ourselves, then Im for it. I would rather protect ourselves then to be bombed by other countries.
Rape: Its sad, and very tramatic to the person who was raped. It makes me want to cry when I know that 1 out of 4 teenage girls get raped at least once through the ages of 13-20. Some people call it "kinky", and make jokes about it, and thats when I get pissed. Its not a funny matter.
Abortion: If you were raped, then yes. I believe that you should be able to get it without being shunned. But if you are some teen (or adult) who just wanted to 'try' it without protection, then you need to accept the fact that you did it, and you should have the child.
Jimmy Eat World: I havent listened to them much, but from what Ive heard, they're good.
Converse: I really dont find them that comfortable, but they are pretty spiffed up.
Pink The New Black: uh. I'll stick with black, thanks. ;x Pink is starting to bug me. All this "real men wear pink" stuff is a little over used. But whatever. Do what you want.
Avril: I heard her new cd is so much better then her last cd. I dont really have an opinion on her, because again, I dont know her. (;

[funny story]

My mom was at work, and it was about midnight (she has night shift). Since she had nothing to do that day, she had been reading "IT" (that scaryass homocidal clown), and had just finished it. Around 1 AM, she was getting ready to leave, but had to go to the bathroom. Earlier that day she told her friend she was reading the book, and durking her friends break, her friend went and bought a clown mask. Well, her friends office is right before the bathroom, and her friend heard my mom coming down the hall. So her friend put on the mask, and right before my mom walked passed her office, she jumped out and grabbed my mom. My mom screamed, and punched her friend.

.. God if that happened to me, I would have done a lot more then a punch. rofl.

[any more information]

Flame's a sezzy little.. thing.

time: 10:35. (I like to think about my answers. hahah)

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[10 Jul 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | awake ]

time: 12:32


name/nickname: christen/emo
age & brithday: 13, 6-13-1991
location: Trumbull, CT
sex/sexuality: Female
family & pets: a mom, a sister, a brother, a dad, a gold fish, a dog, a rabbit


movie[s]: goonies, house of 100 corpses, scary movie 3
song[s]: Vindicated
band[s]: thursday, yellow card
singer[s]/single artisit[s]: none
book[s]: i dont read that much..
Actress/Actor: there is so many i like
Food: pizza
Soda: pepsi
Colour: gray, black, pink

Do you like big butts? I like big butts and I cannot lie.
What was your favourite grade in school? i duno
Who's phone number is 867-5309? i have no clue
What would you think if you saw a girl walking down the street dressed up as a fairy? i would say hey i have that outfit too and then laugh about it with her l8r

AOL: AIM is better.
Gay Marriages: love is love. no matter what sex.
Boob Jobs: stupit and pointless
Religion: i love my religon
Paris Hilton: superficial but she is cool
Self-harming: it's not the best thing to do
Eating Disorders: hate them
War: hate it
Rape: thats really nasty and should stop
Abortion: dumb dumb dumb dumb
Jimmy Eat World: Cool band man lol
Converse: cool shoes
Pink The New Black: i like them both but i just cant c pink the new black ya no?

[Funny Story]
i have wayy to many to say them all it would take all day so ill say 1:
me and my friend were walking whn she goes whats the differnce betweena side walk and a road i go what? n she says more people drive on the road then on the side walk b/c u cant drive on the side walk n she was really ditzy. she was freacking out cuz we were watchin the RING n the fon rang the exscate same time but she didnt no it was me so i was like i will get u my pretty n ur lil dog too she got so scaried that she ran out side in her pajams lol then my brother(who has a crush on her) was like ur sooo sexxyy maryy ohh ,arry i love u and she punch him in the mouth and he slid across the floor

[any other information?]yea. i love emo!

[Pictures or explanation]

i dont feel comfortable showing people my pitcures


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[10 Jul 2004|12:11pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

u r all bitchss u can band me i dont giva shit u emo bitchs

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